Social Media Marketing Tulsa

Social Media Marketing TulsaI probably get at least one call a day about Social Media Marketing Tulsa, Technology moves at the speed of light and so the answer about how and how much is always changing. I offer several types of social media marketing services. Most clients just want setup services others want daily posts, the cost depends on the type of business as some can use a simple datafeed for daily posts, others need every post to provide custom content.

Social Media Marketing Tulsa Every Day?

Not all social media marketing requires daily posting, sometime 3 times a week is sufficient. Weather it is a post every day or not I am a big fan of using video for most social posting content, it is so easy to use your mobile phone on the spot to capture all kinds of funny and informative posts. You can also issue out links to employees allowing them to capture all your social content while out in the field.

Benefit to Your Website Rankings

Your website can always benefit from external links and traffic clicking on those links, but the more powerful part of social media marketing is getting the client on your website and keeping them there as long as possible, this is why I always recommend using video. Google knows how long a visitor stays on your website and on which page, video can increase your visitors time on the page and explode your SEO and thanks to these incredible super computer video phones we have its really not hard at all to make use of video to blow up your rankings.

Social Media Marketing Logo

Always include a overlay of your logo in all social posting, you never know how many times a post will be shared and go viral. Nothing more annoying than having a post or a video go crazy viral only to realize you did not include your logo or contact information.

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