FREE Search Engine Optimization Tulsa (SEO)

Want to be number one on Google for FREE? So does everyone else! Most websites can be on the first page of Google by using this one simple tactic (see below) without the use of pay-per-click or costly monthly posting services. There are other tactics that involve more time and money but really, most categories of online business don’t require any extra tactics.

Videos like the one mentioned at this link (please watch all of the video), if used correctly, can drive your website to the top of Google for FREE. Here’s how you implement the free video technique. First, setup a free YouTube channel and download the free YouTube app on your phone. Then, record videos (landscape, not portrait) about 2-3 minutes long. Finally, On a PC (not your phone) Copy your YouTube embed code and paste it into your website wherever you want your video to be viewed.

What your video needs:

Every business has use for videos and the SEO goal of videos is to hold a client on your page as long as possible. Your video can be questions answered or an offer explained in detail. Every phone call, text message or email is an opportunity to get a website visitor to plant themselves on your website.

Let’s use a daycare as an example. As the owner, I would record a simple walk through video showing all the safety precautions and activities in my daycare facility along with some happy parents. Any parent inquiring about your services via phone, text or email would likely watch your video in its entirety if they received a clickable direct link.

This is why it works:

Google knows how long people stay on your website, what page they enter from, what page they leave and all kinds of intrusive information. Google ranks your website based on a lot of different information, but one of the most powerful influences on your SEO rankings is the amount of time visitors stay on your website.

The tactic I am offering is 100% FREE and easy. We are not talking perfect studio movie productions, just simple short YouTube videos. That’s it.

Other SEO tactics:

No one ever wants to do THIS, it is the most hated job in the office, so it has to be setup a specific way so no one will have to do THIS very often. Yes, I am talking about social networking posts. Most companies charge outrageous monthly fees to do your posting and most of the time they will never benefit your SEO efforts. Why? Your social media posts are SEO useless unless they link back to an article on your website. To post once a week you will need 52 article paragraphs on your website. Then you would use an auto-posting program to push programmed article snippets from your website to all social networks. This is SEO powerful.

I would be happy to discuss SEO with you and answer any questions you may have. Please call or text me at 918.902.4061.

Thank you for your time.