All pay-per-click systems are full of fraud clicks.

The fox (Google) is guarding the hen house.

It amazes me that people believe these pay-per-click systems implement any effective anti-fraud click measures. Today, Google’s stock price is $1,482 a share; if you’re contributing thousands of dollars every month to that stock price, I’d bet 70% of your clicks are fraud clicks from India, China, and competitors, or clicks that are never going to buy your product or service. In fact, most clicks are likely robo-dialer scripts that harvest your phone number to robo-dial you, which is costing you 5 to 15 dollars a click.

Most fraud clicks can be stopped, but I guarantee you it is not by doing what Google suggests inside of their control panel. Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords) is designed to hide buttons, overwhelm people with information, and confuse you … and it works. You set it and think, “Wow, I am getting all those clicks! Surely someone has called and bought something.” Not likely.

I can walk you through when and where in your control panel you can see that clicks are coming from other countries, like India, China, and Russia. What this fraud does is exhaust your daily budget, leaving very little left for real clicks from actual potential clients in the area.

I can log into Adwords and eliminate a lot of fraud with a few clicks, depending on what category of business you operate. I charge a one-time fee that will save you thousands of dollars every month and make sure that most of the clicks you buy are legitimate and not robo-dialers, competitors, and fraud clicks from India, China, and Russia.